Fair Processing Notice

What we do with your data

This Fair Processing Notice explains how and why your personal data will be used, stored and shared for the purpose of the organisation and delivery of this event, Central England Co-operative Interim Members’ Meeting.

In summary

This event is being organised by Central England Co-operative (CEC) with the support of MEDIAmaker Ltd respectively: -

Central England Co-operative (CEC):

• have commissioned this event and provide details of suppliers they wish to attend to MEDIAmaker
• receive details from MEDIAmaker of who has accepted or declined invitations, event acquired output (such as opinions given, ideas created, issues raised, post-event feedback and the like)
• may send post-event communications and / or follow up with attendees and company-wide
• may store and analyse event-generated information to inform company changes and actions / seek improve their business and to help organise and improve future events


• act on behalf of Central England Co-operative (CEC) to organise and manage this event
• may receive details of potential attendees from Central England Co-operative (CEC), communicate attendee information with them during and after the event to ensure it runs smoothly
• may record information gained during the event and feedback afterwards, provide analysis to assess the success of the event and provide this information to Central England Co-operative (CEC), for their legitimate business use
• will permanently erase delegates’ personal data within 18 months of the event completing.

In detail

Who are we?

We are MEDIAmaker Ltd, the event and digital communications agency appointed to help deliver this event, Central England Co-operative Interim Members’ Meeting, on behalf of Central England Co-operative (CEC). We also send out event communications, run the online registration portal and the event helpdesk.
We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal data to help us in the planning and delivery of this event, and future events for Central England Co-operative (CEC). We take steps to ensure your data is used in accordance with the permission you grant and destroyed once this purpose has been served.

Why do we collect your personal data?

We have been appointed to help organise this event, including theming, graphics, technical and logistics planning, and delegate management. Central England Co-operative (CEC) has shared your contact details with us to enable us to send out event invitations, reminders or other information specific to this event.
We also need to collect additional data from you via the registration website, and if applicable via an event app and/or post-event survey. This allows us to:

• Establish who has and who has not registered
• Collect any other information required for the planning and delivery of the agenda such as session sign-ups for activities during the event or feedback on how useful the event was for you.
• Find out your input or opinions via tablets or an app as part of workshop sessions
• Run the helpdesk by email and phone

What do we mean by personal data?

Personal data is defined as information relating to a ‘living’ individual who can be identified either from the information itself or indirectly by combining the information with other data available to the data controller (in this case, MEDIAmaker and Central England Co-operative (CEC)). Personal data includes expressions of opinion about the individual and any indication of intentions anyone may have in respect of the individual.
We will strive to ensure that any personal data used by us and Central England Co-operative (CEC) or on our behalf is of the highest quality in terms of accuracy, relevance and adequacy, and is updated as required. We take steps to ensure your data is used in accordance with the permission you grant and destroyed once this purpose has been served.

What personal data do we collect about you?

When you register, we collect personal data that enables us to organise the event and run the event helpdesk. This is likely to include:
• First name
• Surname
• Email address
• Job Role
• Division
• Company
• Office Location / Address
• Travel details
• Special Dietary Requirements
• Accessibility Requirements
• Any other information required for the planning of the agenda or activities, for example choice of workshops or opinion surveys
• Film or photographs at the event
• Any information you may provide as a result of your participation at the event itself
• We may also invite you to complete post-event feedback, however your answers will be anonymous

How will your personal data be used?

The data we collect will be used in the delivery of this event.
Central England Co-operative (CEC) will use the ideas, feedback and other output and recordings from the event to benefit the business. This may include sharing any of this across the wider business and, if relevant and beneficial, in external corporate communications.

Will my personal data be used or shared for marketing?

No. MEDIAmaker will never use your personal data, nor sell or share it with external parties for marketing purposes. We will only use your data as instructed by Central England Co-operative (CEC) in fulfilment of the organisation and outcome of their events. However, MEDIAmaker may use generic photographic or video footage of the event in our own marketing, which will exclude personally identifiable information.

How long will your personal data be stored?

We will retain your personal data for 18 months, as Central England Co-operative (CEC) often likes to be able to compare attendance data from year to year and/or may wish to invite you to future events. After this point, your personal data that we hold will be permanently erased.
Central England Co-operative (CEC) will receive a copy of event data and may process it in pursuit of their legitimate business interests.

What are your rights relating to accessing your personal data?

You have the right to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal data, please email or write to us at the address below.
We want to make sure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. You may ask us to correct any personal data you think is inaccurate or to remove any personal data we hold about you.
If you do request access to the data we hold about you, we will respond and make the changes requested within one month of the request.

Changes to this policy

We provide the current and relevant privacy details at each event registration. If you attend multiple events run by us, this policy may have changed since you last attended or need to be different to accommodate the nature of the event itself. This privacy policy was last updated on 21 September 2021.

Please take the time to ensure you are happy with how your data will be captured and used.

How to contact us

For further information on how your personal data is used, how we maintain the security of your information, and your rights to access information we hold on you, please contact:

Data Protection Office
MEDIAmaker Ltd
Media House
Padge Road
Tel: 0115 925 5440